An image of the exterior of No. 284 in Boston, Massachusetts. The building is red brick in a Brownstone style.

No. 284 - Boston, MA

A breathtaking image of the interior of No. 284 in Boston.  There is a huge skylight over a bed.
An alternative view of a bedroom with a huge, pyramid shaped clear skylight in a bedroom at No. 284.
An image of a bedroom at No. 284 in Boston.  The wood trim is painted ivory with Earth tone accents.  There is a king sized bed.
An image of a breathtaking staircase at No. 284 in Boston.  Black and ivory accents with marble.
An image of a hallway at No. 284 with a large pyramid domed sky light.
An image of a library or study in an apartment at No. 284 in Boston.  The bookcases are painted indigo blue.
Another angle of the library in an apartment at No. 284 with bright blue book cases and an amazing patterned tile floor.
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