Painting Schools - Winter Projects… Plan Now!

A CE Painting professional painter painting a college dorm room wall

It wasn’t long ago that we were scrambling to get ready for welcoming students back to campus and all of a sudden winter break is looming on the horizon.  

We haven’t started our Christmas shopping yet but we have started to work with some clients and partners to get some projects planned for the two to four week window we have coming up soon.  

As you know, we don’t get too many opportunities to get projects done during the academic calendar year - and winter break presents the biggest block of time to tackle high-priority projects. Sometimes these are projects that didn’t get done over the summer. Other times there are new construction projects - and other times there is standard maintenance work that needs to get done.  

Important questions for making winter break a productive time for your facilities and assets:

  • What interior projects did you miss this summer?  Instead of waiting for next summer get to this now
  • Are there athletic facilities that will not be used in the winter that require attention?  Give specific consideration to fall sports - soccer and football locker rooms are often worn and tired
  • Is there prep work that can be done now for large summer 2024 projects?  Dorms and common areas are typically those most in need 
  • Are there important events in early 2024 on campus?  Will you be hosting guests, parents, or conferences?  If so, make sure that you make the best impression possible and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to reinforce your strong brand
  • Graduation approaches quickly in the spring and it’s hard to find time to fully prepare for this during the spring semester - can you tackle projects now that will help you for this significant event?

If you have any questions about these themes or any other projects you would like to discuss, contact us.

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