Painting Schools - Tips and Ideas for 2024

A painter paints a school wall

As professional commercial painters, we understand the never ending list of projects and daily challenges faced by educational facilities managers. Facilities management is not for the faint at heart. Just like a worn dorm room wall needs a fresh coat of paint, our sisters and brothers in the education space can use a fresh perspective from time-to-time. That's why we compiled this handy list of painting pointers, tips, and ideas from the crew at CE Paint.

Helpful tips and ideas for educational facility managers to help them plan for 2024:

  • Spring break is an under-utilized opportunity for schools to get small or even mid-sized projects completed; if you have the right sized painting crew you can get quite a bit done with 9 full days, and it’s one less project that you have to squeeze into the summer months
  • Commencement is a tremendous celebration and also a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand and express gratitude for parents and sponsors who have supported your institution; make this event as successful as it can be with foresight, planning and project management… and give great thought to the facilities you choose to leverage for this event
  • Summer dormitory painting and planning: some big decisions should be made soon and two of the first ones are 1) what dorms will be painted and 2) will you do a complete paint job or a “touch up”?  We have painted thousands of dorm rooms and we believe a better ROI and cost-effective approach is to do a complete paint job of every dorm room on every floor… yet this can only be done with large teams and effective management… so plan accordingly
  • Athletic facilities: locker rooms for fall (and soon to be winter) sports are unused and can typically be upgraded while school is in session
  • Common areas: hallways, lounges, entrances and other common areas with heavy traffic get beat up quickly and the high visibility can damage your brand; many facility planners don’t use the right products for these areas and modifying your approach with materials can create a more durable and resilient environment, which also saves money in the long run

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